Commanders, Keep your eyes peeled for more details on Monday. Here’s a calendar snippet of all the happenings from Nov. Your support brought World of Tanks its fourth Golden Joystick award. The game we all love saw a major graphics overhaul this year, welcomed several new tank Today marks the launch of the first Common Test of Update 1. Commanders, A variant of familiar mode is ready for testing: Just look at all those Bonds and Credits that could be yours! November 11 is Veterans Day and Remembrance Day, where we observe those who have served in the armed forces. To recognize the day, this weekend An elite Commander, Premium tank rentals, and an exclusive emblem are a few of these items — check the button below for complete information on how to

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Time and again, I see players who might have done better, hamstrung by poor garage management choices and bizarre opinions which prevent them from using tools and techniques that would help them to advance. Therefore, I am starting up a tutorial account, to illustrate each point in turn, so that new or experienced players may manage their out-of-battle decisions better.

It is worth noting that all of what follows is my own opinion, built up over 24, battles. Not everyone will agree with all of it, or with my particular philosophies, but I think that the advice is good. An invite code might have or gold on it, or perhaps something like gold plus a low-tier premium vehicle. They come in all shapes and sizes.

World of Tanks Newbie Tips by KingAlphyn Okay, my objective here is to create a handy reference for any new players to the game. Time and again, I see players who might have done better, hamstrung by poor garage management choices and bizarre opinions which prevent them from using tools and techniques that would help them to advance.

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A very good, clear read. Thanks for defining ‘vehicle weight’ for me. So, if I understand, a battle consisting of say, 8 tier 8’s and 7 tier 7’s, per team, may have a vehicle weight difference of ? I couldn’t give a honest answer to that one. I’m not sure the allowable weight difference between the teams.

is dedicated to the online game ‘World of Tanks’ and contains tutorials, strategies for different WoT maps, weak spots, latest reviews, and featured video. This website was created to reach the WoT audience who are looking for World of Tanks specials, bonus codes, mods, free gold, and much more.

So, this post is going to talk about Crew Experience and how to manage it to your benefit. Commander, Driver works separately from the rest of the skills. All numbers, except where noted, represent the amount of Crew XP that is lost when retraining for Credits not the Free rather than Gold. Retraining for Gold is always 0 XP lost.

One of the few occasionally I’ll actually cite the wiki: Retraining for Silver is entirely doable especially within classes.

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Inorien on Sat Jun 29, 1: Bastard, I was literally just about to suggest this. Downloaded it on my Android cell a couple of days ago and its brilliant. All the tank models are there, as well as armor models, hit zones, and all the stats you can think of. The really amazing bit of the map is the Armour Piercer.

World of Tanks is a perfect mixture of historical vehicles, exciting team play, and sophisticated technology trees. Fundamentally the game is no more complicated than jumping in a tank, moving forward, and shooting whatever you see.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan. But, the term still held a lot of weight.

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Matchmaking for tier 6 to 8 unfair – Gameplay – World of. · How is the Matchmaking for the Super Pershing T26E4 gets tier matchmaking, after Wed cause if they put out a TYPE 59 Premium. READ MORE 19/09/ · Updated Match-making Chart tier 8 premium heavy that gets notable different matchmaking is the KV

GeneralGrant, on 29 January – It’s not about Matchmaking, Reaper, if I understood the question correctly. Well I couldn’t be bothered talking about Battle Tiers and Vehicle weights so I linked the wiki, also it wouldn’t fit on the picture: P Here goes, the chart is sorted by tier with at least one exception, then by vehicle type with at least one exception then by alphabetical order of vehicle type no idea about exceptions then by alphabetical order of player name.

Vehicle weight is taken into consideration and creates the mentioned exceptions. Quote Weight by Vehicle Type is generally applied as follows: T , VK and M24 Chaffee are weighted like tier 6 tanks. The Comet is weighed like a heavy tank. This is why it gets sorted above tier 3’s. IIRC the T20 while apparently not receiving any extra weight gets sorted first as a tier 7 this may have been fixed in a recent patch, can’t say I’ve paid attention.

The Comet gets the same weighting as a heavy so frequently comes at or near the top in tier 7 games despite being a medium.

Matchmaker (WoT)

Since the Jagdtiger 8. Unlike its standard variant the Jagdtiger 8. This tank guide will break down the Jagdtiger 8. German tank destroyers tier 8 and above have damage per round guns and also guns that do damage per round. This gives the Jagdtiger 2, damage per minute which is higher than all other tier 8 German tank destroyers.

Sep 07,  · Tier 8, 9, and 10 medium tanks receive 20% extra weight. Tier 5, 6, 7 and 8 light tanks receive 20% extra weight. There’s only one tier 5 light tank (Crusader) that doesn’t get the extra 20%, and three tier 8 medium tanks (Panther II, Centurion I, T).

The A you have on the Russian med line. The Pz38 nA on the German second heavy line. There are also the T and Leopard, but those are at least in a dedicated scout line and lead to the tier 5 scouts for people that really want and chose to scout. All of those tanks get matched up with tanks way above them and therefore can’t contribute much to the fight in terms of actually shooting and damaging enemy vehicles. What you are meant to do instead is beeing the eyes of your team either by getting into a nice spot where you are “protected” by bushes so the enemy can’t see you while you can see them or by beeing a mobile, sneaky little bastard that keeps the enemys lit up and tries to break through their lines to try to kill the enemys artillery.

Either way someone that is good at it is a very valuable teammember and can greatly influence, sometimes even decide, the outcome of the match!

World of Tanks – Premium Tank Matchmaking: PMM Vs Standard

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