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Ester Dean, center, has written smash hooks for Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. Her engineer, Aubry Delaine, whom she calls Big Juice, accompanied her. Dean picked up an iced coffee at a Starbucks on Seventh Avenue, took the elevator up to Roc the Mic, and passed through a lounge that had a pool table covered in taupe-colored felt. Two sets of soundproofed doors led to the control room, a windowless cockpit that might have been the flight deck of a spaceship. Tor Hermansen and Mikkel Eriksen, the team of Norwegian writer-producers professionally known as Stargate, were waiting there for Dean. Dean, who is black, is neither skinny nor tall; she reached up to give them big hugs, which is how she greets almost everyone. They chatted for a while. Sometimes producers send out tracks to more than one top-line writer, which can cause problems. A relatively small number of producers and top-liners create a disproportionately large share of contemporary hits, which may explain why so many of them sound similar.

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As a rule, your song should be approx. Airtime is very valuable and advertising the way stations make money is sold on the quality of the programming. Read, the quality of your songs.

“Hook It Up” (Master P featuring Bone Thugs-N-Harmony & Silkk the Shocker) 2. “Ghetto Vet” 3. “What the Game Made Me” (Jay-Z featuring Sauce Money & Memphis Bleek) 4. “From What I Was Told” (Soulja Slim) 5. “Let’s Ride” (Eightball & MJG) 6. “I Got the Hook-Up!” (Master P featuring Sons of Funk) 7. “Hooked” (Snoop Doggy Dogg) : Southern Hip Hop, Gangsta Rap.

Only 16 songs are on the soundtrack album , but you can find the downloads, videos and scenes for the vast majority of the songs from the movie here. With your help, we can fill in the rest of the blanks. The movie starts with N. I wish they would have included more in the Step Up 3D soundtrack album, but you can find the downloads for most of the rest of them below.

There are about 10 songs that I could not place at all, and about a dozen that I could not match with a specific scene particularly during the World Jam finals. But I guess that means I was just enjoying the movie too much to remember to write it all down. Apologies for how long it took me to get the post up.

The Little Mermaid

Alternately suppose you are looking for songs by Amy Winehouse , as a recent visitor was. Well lets look up her surname, selecting “w” in the list above leads to a page that lists the word ranges that start with “w” we pick “Wildw – Wit’c”, since “Winehouse” is in that range. Looking in the list we find an entry:

“I Got the Hook Up” was the lead single released from the I Got the Hook Up soundtrack. It featured vocals from the Sons of Funk and was produced by Beats by the Pound member KLC. This is the best-charting single of his career.

In this piece, independent artist Braden Lam of Halifax NS recounts how he was able to land himself on official Spotify playlists using only smart marketing, Show. Now twenty years old, I juggle being a full-time university student with being a full-time musician. This past summer, I embarked on the biggest project of my life. Having only the four months of my summer break from school, I needed to record an album, form a marketing plan, and execute all of it within this small window of time.

No label, no manager, no team, no budget. I was doing this myself. For a relatively new independent artist, I ended up with some great results. Especially when you consider that I had no connections and no budget. Get on an official Spotify playlist. Fortunately I had a summer job that allowed me to listen to music while I worked. After assessing my abilities, time restraints, and the little budget I had, some major goals for this project began to form. The top goal was to get a start on my streaming game, and that meant getting on an official Spotify playlist.

The streaming world is exploding, and it makes perfect sense to focus my energy on these platforms that will fingers crossed be essential to my future music career.

How To Rap: Song Structure

Actually, the intro can serve any function you like. If you want to grab the listener by the ears from Track 01, 0: Record sound effects or general atmosphere.

I Got The Hook-Up Soundtrack [Full Album] Cd Quality – Duration: 1 hour, 17 minutes.

There’s still a lot of mystery to songwriting. I don’t have a method that I can go back to – they either come or they don’t. Put those feelings into a song you can be proud of. Getting an outside persceptive on your track from a fellow musician can help to bring the best out of your music. Two heads are always usually better than one. I don’t know how to make beats. I don’t play instruments.

I’m not a good singer. So even when you see a solo album of mine, it’s still a collaboration. Keep it simple and build on it Keeping your track as simple as possible at first is an excellent way to accelerate the songwriting process and work out the structure of your song. Many complex songs from 5 or 6-piece bands started life as a few chords strummed on an acoustic guitar. Whether it’s written in two hours or two months, the final product is all that’s important, no matter how long it takes.

Don’t overthink it Musicians and songwriters are often our own worst critics. Overthinking can be your worst enemy.

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Listen to the Masters 1 Work out the melody, if music is what starts to happen in your mind. You just begin at the beginning without words. That beginning is to know what works best for you. Many songwriters, such as Peter Gabriel, work out the music before they work out the lyrics. They may sing nonsense syllables just to get a sense of how the lyrics and music might work together.

Knowing that you can’t have a successful urban movie without a good soundtrack, he poured a lot of effort into I Got the Hook Up, making sure that it contained as many hot underground rappers and members of the No Limit posse as possible.6/

And, of all things, I’m Broken by Pantera! And Chris Cornell sings both songs! Going the other way, Page has admitted he took the distinctive “da-da-da-da-duh” of “Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You” from Chicago ‘s “25 or 6 to 4”. My wife’s going on holiday in the Caribbean. No, she wanted to go. Similarily a few of their songs’ intros do this. The main synth riffs in Muse’s “MK Ultra”. Ironically, a year later, Maiden released “Satellite When the concert was being recorded to be put on DVD, the song had to be changed – the last note of every phrase goes in a different direction the final note in the first line, for example, goes up rather than down.

All 50 Songs from the Step Up 3D Soundtrack

Share Shares Cocaine has had a significant impact on popular music. While booze is far more likely to result in sloppy work and an unsightly beer gut in middle age, coke leaves you wired enough to ensure that you will produce a whole lot of something, and thus ups the odds that you will actually produce something good. Here we have compiled a list of the Top 10 Cocaine Songs of all time — songs about, influenced by, and more than likely written on clouds of Peruvian marching powder: The farmer cuts the bales open and notices a mysterious powder inside.

The Michelle in the song actually existed.

A lot or a little? The parents’ guide to what’s in this movie. Positive Messages The importance of staying “young at heart. Kids screaming while trapped in a net. Hook runs his blade through a valiant young boy, killing him. Tinkerbell hits Peter Pan in the head. During an impromptu baseball game among pirates, a pirate is shot and killed for trying to steal second base.


Join Song Building Blocks When songs are written, they are based upon a song structure song form that uses a number of common sections. These sections are the building blocks of songs. When discussing song form these sections are assigned letters as labels, but you will be more familiar with their names such as verse, chorus and bridge. This article looks at the common sections, what defines them, and how those sections work together to form a working, popular song.

Peaches come from a can, they were put there by a man In a factory downtown If I had my little way, I’d eat peaches every day Sun-soakin’ bulges in the shade Peaches come from a can, they were put there by a man In a factory downtown If I had my little way, I’d eat peaches every day Sun-soakin’ bulges in the shade 25 Flight of the Conchords – Business Time Funniest Lyric: I remove my clothes very, very clumsily, tripping sensuously over my pants.

Now I’m naked, except for my socks, and you know when I’m down to just my socks what time it is Satan gave me a taco and it made me really sick The chicken was all raw and the grease was mighty thick The rice was all rancid and the beans were so hard I was gettin’ kinda dizzy eatin’ all the lard Satan gave me a taco and it made me really sick The chicken was all raw and the grease was mighty thick The rice was all rancid and the beans were so hard I was gettin’ kinda dizzy eatin’ all the lard 23 Jimmy Buffet – The Asshole Song Funniest Lyric: Were you born an asshole?

Or did you work at it your whole life? Now he’s getting a tattoo. Yeah he’s gettin’ ink done. He asked for a ’13’, but they drew a ’31’. Friends say he’s trying too hard And he’s not quite hip. But in his own mind He’s the dopest trip.

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By taking this challenge, you will be honing your skills as a songwriter. The lyric idea may form the song title or a line of your full lyrics. As long as the root words stay the same, you can make changes to the phrase. This phrase will change weekly. They feel comfortable with pushing their song lyrics out into the music scene.

Tweet Top old-school hip-hop songs. That cutoff means no Jay-Z or Eminem and virtually no Nas or Outkast, to pick a few examples, but with one exception a song recorded before the deadline but released afterwards I stuck to the deadline for all tracks. The song was surpassed by its own marketing. Unfortunately most of their catalog sounded dated within a decade of its release. I never understand artists trying to be less commercial. If you want to make less commercial music for artistic reasons, but deliberately flipping off your audience by creating less interesting content is insane.

Ice Cube – Ghetto Vet [HQ]

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