tach problem

tach problem

The S trucks are a very popular vehicle for engine swaps of all kinds. Since our specialty is with these trucks, there are many variations offered to install a fuel injected Chevy small block engine in any year truck. Below you will find a list of years and options that will make a bit of difference in the harness, as well as some information you will need to help make better decisions for your swap. Please be sure and read the extra information supplied in each year for certain things that you may or may not be aware of. When disconnecting the stock vehicle harness, all you will need to do is unplug it from any connections at the firewall, fenders, and anywhere else that a connector may be. The new harness should simply plug back in to any connectors, there should be no reason to remove or replace anything from the inside of the vehicle in most cases. Things YOU will need to know.

Cummins Part Numbers You may Need

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Early Dodge Cummins Tach. FWIW, here are a few pictures of the factory supplied tach wiring harness used in the Dodge that I have and there is not a PCM installed on the fender. Under the dash there is what looks like an intermediate adapter cable between the under hood tach cable and the cable that leads to the tach head. I believe it may be there to pick up voltage from the wiring harness to the tach head and probably not much more.

Too wet outside to continue any further. The tach wire comes through the grommet in the firewall bottom right corner and into the back side of the plug at the center right in the picture. The opposite end of this plug which is facing you is the tach connection. I had assumed this was where the power switched leads were but instead they are attached to the same side where the sensor is connected.

SmartCraft Compared to NMEA

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Sep 27,  · the pull up resistor is just a normal 1k ohm resistor that you can get at radio shack. google tach pull up resistor and there will plenty of information and pictures on how to install and they will go into better detail than i can.

In order to shop on this Web store, you must have cookies enabled. For instructions on how to enable cookies, please see the help section of your browser. Once cookies are enabled please refresh the current page. For those looking for a super fast spooling turbo that Replace that common to break afc line, with a braided line that will never break again.

Kit utilizes the BHAF air filter, and smooth 4″ exhaust tubing. Allow your 1st gen Cummins to breath! This is largely due to the new compressor wheel design. Also features Borg Warner’s new upgraded degree thrust bearing and comes with a high flow 68mm turbine Cooler egt and more throttle response, allow for a better overall running engine.

Offer in piping only, add a turbo, and both turbo options. For custom kits, or questions, please call in.

Ford Ranger Tachometer Install

You will need to splice into pin number 48, which will be a Tan and Yellow stripe wire, to obtain your engine RPM signal. On rangers no matter which cluster you have, you do not have to put any wires through the fire wall, take your cluster out, the wide, white connector in the back of the cluster has two wires on mine they were yellow and tan, and yellow and black you can simply splice the green wire into the yellow and tan wire.

Or, you can go to the ICM, and splice into pin B, which will be a tan wire with a yellow stripe. Or you can connect to the 12V source if you do not need to dim the tachometer light.

Mar 30,  · I just found some of the adds selling Tach to be a little misleading According to service manual for a that plug taped to wiring harness near fuse box has 3 .

Wanting to avoid post installation hassles with this thing, I did a bench test on the unit. Set the unit’s switches, hooked it up to a 12 volt power supply, and applied a 12 volt square wave from a Tektronix pulse generator. When the frequency of the generator was It works, and the calibration is right! Both were close enough. Little did I know Run a length of 16 wire back the the engine bay, dressing it in with the air conditioner harness, tie-wrapping it up securely.

Of course, there’s always side projects: Problems So, time for a test drive. Stupid tach is jumping all over hell. Spin the engine up a little, and the tach pegs at 7K. Put a ‘scope on the points signal line:

Dodge Ram remote start problem

Local rad shops want to customize my rad, move inlet and outlet, and they want for a full custom with a electric fan Not much choice there. I think I paid 45 bucks to have my lower neck rotated and they cleaned and rodded the core. Did you use the temp sending unit that was on the cummins and if you did does it work with the jeeps gauge or did you use the jeep temp sending unit?

Dec 30,  · Can anyone help me to hook up a tach to a 12V (1st gen.) cummins? The motor is in a “85”, 4×4, Dodge, and I would like to have a tach to go along with my other guages.

Sun, 23 Nov Remove the four 15mm nuts and pull the turbo away from the studs, and move aside so its mounting surface rests on the ends of the studs. Be careful not to gouge the surface with the hardened studs. With a rag or tape to protect the turbo inlet, drill and tap the manifold, and remove all chips. Repeatedly clean out the manifold port until the magnet comes out clean.

I prefer to take the time to remove the turbo. There is little clearance between the vanes and the housing inside the turbo, and chips could cause trouble. The manifold is the most informative place for the probe. It tells you about instantaneous temperature changes and the maximum temperature encountered. If the probe is in the exhaust elbow, or worse yet, downstream in the pipe, you have to infer the actual, maximum temperature by adjusting the reading by 10 degrees times the pounds of boost, as a rule of thumb.

However, many probes are relatively cheap and do not hold up very well to high temperatures.


Would make it easier to hook them up. IWantATurbo that would be a great big help!!!!! Looking up the diagrams too: D IWantATurbo ,

Add the Isspro 4k tach to your first gen that should have came factory on all the trucks. Note: Dont forget to add the necessary wiring harness to hook it up, there are two different ones. Pre picks up the signal from the damper pulley and the newer plug into a plug uder the dash. Note: The wiring kit is optional, if you are handy with some electrical wire.

This is the correct taller style design, exact for all 67 models but can be used on any bird you choose. Features OE style green markings, numbering, and lettering. Pontiac text logo on the background. Each tachometer is manufactured with a tightly sealed case to keep moisture out which means less corrosion of internal parts and long lasting dependability. Correct Pontiac lettering for an authentic look.

Not for use with original harness. Use harness supplied with part. It works with all factory hood tachs and new reproduction hood tachs.

Black Sheep 3.3 Boost, Pyro (egt) Fuel Pressure, gauges installation 1 Gen Cummins

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